Volunteer for meaning in your life!

Volunteering is great way to spend your time in retirement. You can volunteer for meaning in your life, to meet people, and to help others. The people you help could be children, teachers, the poor, the disabled, or the elderly.

Check Out These Retirement Ideas for Volunteering

Working with children is sure to bring joy to your life, especially if you don't have young children in your life already.

Contact your local school board office to find out about volunteer opportunities in a school near you, and help children as well as teachers.

Help the poor by volunteering at a local food bank or soup kitchen.

More Volunteering Ideas

  • Tutor students at any grade level – contact your local schools or public library
  • Teach English to immigrants (takepart.com is one resource of many)
  • Volunteer with a non-profit organization – check volunteermatch.com, for example
  • Think big: Start your own non-profit and recruit volunteers for your organization.
  • Join the American Red Cross as a volunteer. You could work locally to assist with bloodmobiles, on a disaster team, or at a remote location. Visit their site for more information.
  • Look into other non-profit opportunities to offer your help. One place to find interesting projects is Kickstarter.com. This site is for fundraising, but it could give you good ideas for organizations to learn more about.
  • Build houses with Habitat for Humanity
  • Do you love animals? There could be animal rescue organizations in your area that would be extremely grateful for your help! In my area there is an organization that rescues neglected horses. They have difficulty finding enough people to exercise the horses, not to mention raising enough money to support them. If you don't want to work directly with the animals, perhaps you could help out with fund raising for them.
  • Become a missionary with a church. If your church doesn't have an active mission, try to find one in a sister church.