Thoughts on Travel in Retirement

Do you have thoughts on travel in retirement? Thinking about how expensive it will be, perhaps?

I've noticed that as people get older they are less interested or less comfortable with travel. Ideally, you should plan your travels for the early years of your retirement in case things change that make it more difficult to realize your life's goals later on.

If you aren't sure you will have enough savings for ambitious travel, you may want to plan to work a few extra years during which you focus your energies on your own priorities, such as dream vacations while you still have a generous income.

You could then take leaves of absence for extra time off without pay if your vacation time won't cover all of your travel goals.

Thoughts on Travel Destinations

See Paris - You can walk all over this city!

Paris - the most popular destination

Paris in October was perfect for us when we were there. Out of the 10 days we were there we only had rain one day. The temperature was perfect, too. Only occasionally did I reach for my sweater.

We spent a lot of time walking near the river on one side or the other, and occasionally we traveled by water taxi.

Our favorite places were the usual tourist high spots since it was our first time (so far.) Le Louvre, Notre Dame, Champs Elysee, Eiffel Tower, Musée d'Orsay to name just a few of the places we visited.

Of all the works of art we saw I think the one I fell in love with was the statue called Winged Victory of Samothrace or Nike of Samothrace. She really was a breathtaking sight!

The next time I visit I'm hoping to get to Le Moulin Rouge, too.

I highly recommend Paris as a travel destination, but plan several days if not weeks to really appreciate this beautiful city.

Street view of Paris
Paris L'Arc and Louvre
Eiffel Tower

See the U.S. and All It Has to Offer

Visit a Beautiful City - Chicago

Retirement see Navy Pier Chicago River

Chicago's Navy Pier viewed from across the Chicago River. This is just one of the great places to visit in Chicago - a great place to visit!

Tour the Grand Canyon Area

Awesome Grand Canyon

When we visited the Grand Canyon, we toured the area in general as well, starting in Las Vegas. We drove to the South Rim of the Canyon, then around the east side and up to the North Rim.

We saw lesser canyons, an eerie park that looked like a scene from Star Trek that was covered with lava from an ancient volcano, amazing dessert scenes, and awesome views in Utah. Not to mention dinosaur tracks at the Indian Reservation! It was an amazing place to visit.

Travel expenses

If you are not yet retired, plan carefully for your travel goals. If you have traveled extensively already, then you know how quickly the expenses add up.

We spent a modest 10 days in Paris in 2006, in a tiny hotel room. Much of our time was spent walking around the city, which is free, yet our final tally for the trip was over $7,000. What if we wanted to spend 3 weeks there? I'm sure it would cost more now, too.

It is better to over estimate the expenses than to under estimate what you will need if travel is in your plans.

Packing for the trip

By the time we reach retirement age, many of us will be needing medications of one type or another.

It is critical that you plan ahead to be sure you have a backup plan in case you lose your medications while on vacation.

Also, it is very easy to forget about packing them in the first place.

Triple check before you leave!

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