Surviving Mom's Retirement

Surviving Mom's Retirement is a cute story by a daughter, Nicki about how her mother's retirement affected her, and how she coped.

The Circle of Life: Surviving Mom's Retirement

Last year my mom retired. She has her PhD and spent her career working as a well-respected writer and scientist. She is not the type of person who is known to sit still often, so we weren’t sure how she was going to handle retirement.

The first couple weeks were OK.

She gardened, shopped, and cleaned the house.

Then she found technology.

First came the expanse we all know as the internet.

As if I didn’t get enough cell phone alerts from CNN, now I had Mom News Flashes every hour on the hour about some elephant stampede in the middle of nowhere that knocked down a tree.

Next was the cell phone.

Texting was supposed to make everyone’s lives easier since she didn’t need to call during work to ask simple questions.

text message with Mom

That turned into texts like “What does this light in my car mean?” Well mom, I can’t see through the phone and I know you don’t know how to take a picture and send it so I guess I’ll have to call anyway to make sure your car isn’t going to blow up on the way to the supermarket.

And yes, the little light that looks like a gas pump STILL means your car needs gas. Another one of my favorites is something like “Do you have chicken in your refrigerator?” Yes, I do. “Did you know there’s been an outbreak of salmonella linked back to chicken sold in 18 states?” I didn’t, but now I’m going to feel nauseous for the rest of the day while staring at spreadsheets wondering if my chicken parm from last night is going to kill me.

We have managed to redirect her pent-up energy towards her grandchildren. Need matching outfits for a holiday? She is all over it. Has the dryer eaten one of each of your children’s pairs of socks leaving you with a bunch of mismatched orphan socks? Grandma will be at Carters in 30 seconds flat to buy twenty more pair (solid white of course so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again).

Overall, we have all adjusted to her retirement well. The key is redirection. I learned this skill with my toddlers and now apply it to my mother.

I guess everything really does come full circle.