Retirement Hobbies - How will you spend your precious free time?

We have tons of ideas for retirement hobbies that you may not have imagined. Scroll all the way down so you don't miss any of the really cool things: rowing, scuba, mountain biking, building models, and much more.

Hobbies are incredibly important for the retirement years.

Even though we may not be working at a job anymore, we still need to continue learning, growing, and accomplishing.

The difference is that we can do as much or as little, and do it on our own schedule. Yay! That's the part I love!

Retirement Hobbies: Building Models to Scale

Scale Model of Herod's Temple

Retirement, the perfect time for your best modeling!

Learn (or re-learn) a Musical Instrument


Music can be a very fulfilling retirement hobby in many ways.

Did you play an instrument in your younger days? Why not try it again?

Take guitar, drum, or singing lessons. Find an informal group of musicians to "jam" with.

We've had Sunday night music at our house for years!

My husband plays guitar and he has a large group of friends he met through his interest in music.

Many of the musicians who attend are retirees who love to play and sing together.

Visit your local music store to find out what's available in your area. Many senior centers invite musicians to play at their social night.

If you're not into playing or singing, bring music into your day by radio, MP3, or cds. Choose a music channel through your TV.

Retirement Hobbies for Exercise and Pleasure

This is a beautiful afternoon of rowing on a North Carolina lake in the early fall.

Some lakes in NC don't allow large engines. This makes them ideal places for rowing. On this day, we had the entire lake to ourselves, and we saw heron, geese, and ducks as we glided over the water.

retirement hobby: solitary rowing on NC lake
retirement hobby: rowing back to shore

Learn SCUBA diving

Maybe you've always been interested in scuba diving, but never found the time or money to get into it.

It isn't as hard as you might imagine to get your diving certification. I'm not very athletic (a girlie-girl) and I did it!

You don't have to dive to great depths, either, in fact the best sights are in 20 feet of water or less. Amazing colors of fish, and loads of fun!

Retirement hobby: scuba diving

What about some indoor hobbies?

retirement hobby: reading

Maybe your retirement hobby requires equipment that you should purchase while you are still working, but only if you are very sure it isn’t a passing fancy.

Explore a hobby before you leave your job to see if it will sustain your interest. Perhaps take a class...

Here are a few more ideas to get you started

Make pottery, learn to draw, knit, paint

retirement hobby painting
Make pottery

Organize the photos of your life

Purchase a digital converter to convert your negatives or slides to a computer format, or if most of your photos are printed, scan them into your computer and create digital photo albums.

photo book
While you're organizing these snapshots of your family's history, think about how you might organize groups of them into photo books.

Take up a craft hobby, perhaps making scrapbooks. They make great gifts and can get very elaborate as well as beautiful. And you can incorporate some of your photos into them, too.

Just visit a craft shop and browse the aisles until something sparks your creativity.

A Money Making and Fun Hobby

Many hobbies can also become small business opportunities.

Writers can become webmasters, potters can open an online shop, and people who grow things, indoors or outdoors, can turn their green thumbs into profits by selling their produce or plants.

And if you think you aren't very creative, but you love browsing thrift shops and yard sales, you can become a reseller through Amazon or Ebay, or even do it independently at an antique mall.

propagate plants for retirement income

More Ideas for new hobbies

Read the books you never had time for

Reading is a fabulous hobby for retirees because it can keep us informed, it can keep our brains active, and is a very relaxing way to spend alone time.

Volunteering Ideas

More Things To Do In Retirement

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