Retirement Gifts for Men

Instead of the usual retirement gifts for men you know who are retiring, like golf clubs, barbecue tools, and gag gifts, try thinking of things that might get that guy going in a new direction.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

For a truly unusual gift, consider a personalized whiskey barrel, perhaps with the additional rum makers kit. With a stand and tap.

Find this and other retirement gifts for men at Uncommon Goods to find this one, and allow plenty of time for personalization and shipping.

A Thing of the Month

If you hate spending money on gifts that might sit on a shelf or be stuck in a drawer, this is a perfect alternative. You can choose a foods, fruit, wine, beer, even flowers.

Check out Best of the Month Clubs for more ideas.

Take Anywhere Chair

Check out the Wilderness recliner by LL Bean. This is an easy to carry seat for almost anywhere, like watching the grand kids play sports at the Y or school, for example.

A Ticket Diary

Not for speeding tickets!

I love this one because I always hate to throw away those ticket stubs from cool places I've been, but until now I didn't have a good place for them. I'm sure I'm not the only one. You can design one that will be perfect. Try, Mixbook, or Shutterfly. Be sure to include a little note describing how to use it.


retirement gifts for men toys

Toys to share with the grand kids, of course.

If you know the guy has grandchildren nearby, speak to the child within him, and get pairs of fun toys. My guy loves Nerf guns to share with our 5 year old grandson.

And they had to have the zombie target, too.

If the grand kids are girls who don't like guns, maybe go for bubble and water play sets, or tools for building doll houses, and maybe a book of ideas or a kit. Shop Amazon for things like this.

Hey, what guy doesn't like remote control toys like helicopters, planes, or boats?

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