A Retirement Countdown Clock for Fun and a Final To-Do List

Get a retirement countdown clock for your computer or an app for your phone and watch the days count down. Once you set a retirement date, enjoy looking forward to the happy days ahead!

Make a schedule of the things to do as you finish up the last items on your to-do list.

Remember your retirement notebook from the detailed planning you worked on?

Review your to do list to make sure you have everything ready.

Consult the retirement planning checklist if you haven’t done so already.

Continue reading below for a retirement countdown clock and another final checklist to use before your last day at work.

Set a Retirement Countdown Clock

Build anticipation and have fun!

Find a retirement countdown clock like the one at timeanddate.com or an iPhone App like Doodle Days or myRetire.

countdown clock screenshot

Another Pre-Retirement List

Here are a few more ideas of things to do in your last months and weeks leading up to your retirement date:

  • If you will be taking a lump sum payout or rolling over your 401k, you will need to make arrangements for an IRA to roll into. This should be researched for the best provider with enough time to be ready for the rollover date.
  • Notify your contacts, friends, and family of your retirement plans, if and when appropriate
  • Schedule lunch dates with contacts you don’t see regularly that you might want to keep in touch with.
  • If you’re interested in working occasionally for fun or for extra cash, sign up for a professional network, like LinkedIn, to keep your name and skills out there.
  • If you used your work phone or email address for your personal accounts, update them. Things like bills, doctors, hairdresser, home service providers, for example.
  • If you have any mail that you get at your office or workplace, submit a change of address or cancellation.
  • Review your withdrawal schedules, savings accounts, investment plans for moving your money. Consider setting up automated transfers between accounts to feed your day to day checking accounts.
  • As you think about the things you want to do when you are no longer working, start off slowly so you don’t take on too much. It can be surprising how little time there is in a day when you are not on a work schedule. Be sure to take breaks to avoid over doing things you may not be accustomed to doing.


Being able to retire is no small accomplishment! Be sure you honor the occasion and really enjoy marking this major milestone of your life.

  • Plan a party! Or at least get together with your favorite people just before or after your last day.
  • Get together with work friends at the first month anniversary of your retirement. Friends will be interested to know how it feels to be free.
  • Plan an amazing vacation as part of your celebration and to mark the beginning of this new phase of your life.