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A bucket list is a great way to infuse your retirement years with purpose, as well as a way to look back over your past accomplishments with satisfaction in a life well lived.

Spend some time building two bucket lists, the one you already achieved and the one you plan to tackle in the future.

This bucket list was submitted by Cat, a lovely, very active and healthy woman in her mid-70’s.

After that, more ideas to inspire you to update and submit yours!

Cat's Bucket List

  • Win the lottery (more of a dream, I guess) or win a jackpot at the Casino
  • Go to Alaska.
  • Finish building my house in the mountains near where I grew up.
  • Get dogs, cats, chickens and a nice chicken coop.
  • Have flowers everywhere they will grow on my property.
  • Have my family visit and spend weekends with me.
  • Have some help with housework when I don't feel up to it (of course, when I am older).
  • Try to say something that will inspire someone everyday as long as I can.
  • Teach and love my grandchildren.
  • Spend as much time as possible with my sister until the Good Lord calls one of us home.

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A True Bucket List from an anonymous reader

A true bucket list is not as shown in the Hollywood version.

It's not about what you want to do before you die. It's about getting even with people who have offended you, before you die - and sometimes afterwards, with your comrades making amends.

It's old-fashioned justice, and if people knew it for what it was there would be a whole lot less dishonesty and greed in the world.

More Bucket List Ideas to Spur Your Thoughts

Do you have a bucket list yet? Maybe you haven’t formally put it into a list form, but you probably have things in mind that you hope to do at some point in your life. Maybe you’ve already done many of those things.

It can be a fun exercise to think back on the things we wanted to do that we’ve already accomplished. This can improve our level of satisfaction that we’re living a good and productive life.

From there, we can make new goals and think about the things we haven’t done yet, or the things that are no longer very important to us.

If you decide to update your bucket list, consider sharing it with us. Maybe your goals are more ambitious and we can take ours up a notch, or perhaps the opposite.

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Ideas to Inspire You to Update Your Bucket List

Here are some bucket list ideas to inspire you to write your own real people bucket list:

  • Help Habitat for Humanity build a home for a deserving person or family
  • Visit the Great Lakes and imagine what it was like to weather a storm like the one that sank the SS Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975.
  • Go walkabout in Australia
  • Spend a few weeks in Singapore
  • Travel across the country (this one or a different one) taking jobs at various cities along the way. Maybe as a waiter, waitress or store clerk to meet lots of locals.
  • Learn glass-blowing and make colorful vases or glasses for my house

professional glass blower
visit Edinburgh Castle

  • Plan a vineyard-hopping trip in North Carolina or California or Italy
  • Go with friends on a pub crawl in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Take a Mediterranean cruise
  • Plan and host a family reunion that lasts more than one day
  • Plan and host a large party for family and friends with a band, an open bar, and semi-formal attire (think wedding reception style)
  • Take your mother (or other favorite person) on a dream vacation just for her
  • Take a tour of Scotland

Scottish Highlands misty day
boats on the River Clyde
Scottish meadow

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