Places To Retire - A Few Ideas

I'm just going to give you some ideas for places to retire. I have no intention of suggesting where you might want to retire, but some of these may sound good to you.

We have yet to decide if we will stay in our current home or move to another.

There are as many places you could retire as there are reasons for choosing a particular place, so this depends on what's important to you, what you can afford, and what you want out of your retirement life.

You may want to retire near your grandchildren (we've talked about this, can't decide).

Or you may want to retire in a place you've always dreamed about.

As you plan your retirement, the main thing to think about is how much it will cost and how much you can afford.

After that, make yourself happy!

You may even decide to move from your dream location after a few years. I know several people who have lived lots of places during their retirement. The beach, the mountains, Florida, and so on. You may need to negotiate with your spouse and live part-time in one place and part in another.

Do your research!! Take an extended vacation before you commit to a permanent move. Make sure this is listed on your retirement checklist.

Chicago Has Tons to Offer Retirees

Chicago is a wonderful city with an endless number of things to do for people of all ages! Of all the places to retire on my list of possibles, this one is near the top! If you don't plan to live there, you should at least plan a visit.

View of Navy Pier Chicago

Our son lives in Chicago. He moved there as soon as he finished college, along with friends who went there for the theatre opportunities.

We've visited several times, and we love it! There is so much to do there, it would be a perfect place for a retiree who has a comfortable income.

Murals inside walkway under Lake Shore Drive

There are lots of places you can see for free by joining the public library and checking out the free passes offered there.

There are museums, art galleries, beaches, sailing, theatres, beautiful parks, bicycling, and so much more. A great city for walking, biking, or skating! Transportation is easy too, if you stay near the train lines.

Lake Shore Drive over Chicago River

Retirement is Great in North and South Carolina Too

Beaches and Mountains with Lakes in Between

We live in North Carolina, previously in the mountains, but recently just outside of Charlotte.

We are 2 hours from the mountains and 4 hours from Myrtle Beach or Charleston. There are large lakes nearby for boating and swimming, NASCAR racing, mountain bike trails, historic sites and parks, a zoo, and more.

The weather is a little stifling some days in the summer, but Spring and Fall are perfect! Winters are mild with just an occasional snow or ice storm.

South Carolina Beach from balcony

There are many beautiful lakes, both large and small, for all kinds of recreational activities. Rowing, sailing, fishing, party-boating, water skiing, and more.

Retiree rowing on NC lake
View of NC lake over front of rowboat

How About Florida Sunshine?

My father lived in Florida and he told me there are fabulous houses that are a real bargain due to the recent recession. You may be able to afford a dream home here!

Beaches, citrus, and we all know about the gorgeous weather and the unfortunate threat of hurricanes, but it might be the perfect spot for you - check it out for yourself!

These are just a few ideas of great places to retire.

If you happen to know someone who retired to a great location, please tell us about it.

I've heard of very affordable retirements to Costa Rica, Panama, and various spots around the Caribbean.

I would love to hear of other good retirement spots!