Nightshades Infographic

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Nightshades Infographic

If you have any type of chronic condition, do an elimination diet to see if nightshades might be contributing to your pain.

Years ago, a holistic health person suggested this to me, but she didn't give me a lot of background on the topic, so I didn't listen.

Only when I feared becoming an invalid from the pain in my hip that was keeping me down was I ready to try it. I was researching arthritis causes and among the articles I read was one about nightshades with some background on the science and supporting evidence.

It only took about 10 days for me to feel better. By going back to basics with a diet of fresh foods I was able to prove to myself that certain foods, particularly potato based foods, would put me right back into pain.

Even the smallest amount of potato starch in a spice mix would cause me 3 or 4 days of discomfort and pain. Since that made walking painful, I was back to the sofa.

So, even though nightshades were a staple in my kitchen, they aren't worth the suffering they cause.

Test yourself if you are living with pain!

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