Retire for More Family Time

One of my early retirement goals is to have more family time! If you have family members who don’t live close to you, when you worked you probably wished for more vacation time so you could see them more often or have longer visits with them.

In retirement you have that opportunity for more family time. Maybe you can turn the visiting schedule into a tour of the country, and go from place to place visiting them individually for substantial quality time you could never afford before.

Keep in mind they might still have full time jobs.

Perhaps there is a way you can make their lives easier while you are visiting.

For example, prepare meals, run errands, babysit, etc.

Don't expect to be entertained as a guest if you plan to visit for any length of time.

You don't want to wear out your welcome so that future hosts are less than enthusiastic about your plans to visit them.

Take the grandchildren out for adventures, like camping trips, amusement parks, or to your home for special activities. For example, whenever my family stays with me, someone is always interested in learning to throw pots on my pottery wheel, and I get to teach them how.

When our grandson comes to visit for the weekends (he's two years old), we have adventures in the backyard. We ring the wind chimes, pick up acorns and stones, then take them to the creek to throw in the water.

Grandchild with iphone

One note of caution

If you have a valuable skill, be careful that people don't take advantage of your new freedom by asking you to "work" for them for free. My husband is talented in working with PCs, so regularly people ask him to repair theirs. At one time, he had 4 of them waiting for his attention.

Learn to say "Sorry, but I just can't fit that into my schedule right now" or something similar. After all, didn't you retire for more family time, and more time for yourself?

Another problem is that people assume you aren't doing anything since you don't work. Our daughter has made this mistake. We are still working on changing that misconception in a gentle way by telling her how busy we are and describing all the things we are doing and planning to do.

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