Divorce Happens

Even After Decades of Marriage - My Retirement Story

by Nann

One woman's tragic story of retirement and divorce - a warning for all of us.

Young woman in 1950's

Vintage 1950's Photo in Washington, DC

It is important for every woman to have retirement savings or earnings of their own, even if they don't need to work. I learned this the hard way.

After nearly 50 years of marriage, my husband left to find a girlfriend from 55 years ago. We had been retired for several years and his pension and social security were the largest part of our income.

My social security benefit was only $300. I had worked for many years for the postal service but after much persuasion I got them to give me my retirement money early and we bought a nice place in NC where I was brought up. This was why my retirement was so low. I drew off of his SS.

I was his helper and depended entirely on my husband for many years and I didn't have any savings of my own.

Even though he left the house with me, I didn't have enough income to cover the small mortgage plus basic living expenses.

I had to sell my beautiful home and move into an apartment.

Even that was a struggle and I had to go back to work to make ends meet at the age of 70.

By my good fortune it was easy to find jobs but not as high paying as I was used to when I worked for the postal service.

I never would have believed this could happen after so many years and 5 children together. If you are lucky enough not to need a career, you should find a way to save for your own retirement. You never know what your future could bring.

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Divorce Happens - Even After Decades of Marriage My Retirement Story

Feb 25, 2012

why did she not get half
by: Anonymous

Since she was married for over 10 years why did she not get to draw SS on his salary and why if he had a pension did she not get half in the divorce.