Career Change After 50

In late 2011, I decided to become semiretired and make a career change, after age 50. For the past 20-plus years, I worked in information technology (IT) as a systems and storage engineer.

The IT field is always changing, and often very high-stress, so by the time I reached age 50 I decided it was time for me to down-size my career and enjoy my other interests, such as making pottery, visiting family, and writing as a way to help others.

Now, I only work part-time building a business and managing this website. I'm passionate about helping others prepare for retirement because I think many people have the means but don't know how to begin.

Building a Business Website

Writing for a business website or blog is one of the best jobs for retirement, or for any stage of life, because you can work on it whenever, wherever, and for however long you want.

My site is just beginning to bring in a small income, and I can see the potential for growth. I’m continuing to build my business in my free time.

Developing a website requires passion about a topic and at least a few hours each week for writing and learning webmaster skills.

Career Change After 50: A Business for Sharing and Helping Others

My career change to become a work-at-home webmaster is more of a hobby. I can take time off whenever I choose, and I have no boss!

But I'm passionate about sharing what I know about retirement planning with others and in a year or so this part-time business could be bringing in a nice extra income for my family.

At any point in time I could decide to sell the site, or start a new one, but the main thing is that I have hobby that is fascinating and rewarding.

Read more about my early retirement on the diary pages or something about other people at the real people stories pages.

If you have feedback, questions, or comments, please share them with me below, and visit us on Facebook and give us a Like! And if you're interested in finding out how to follow the path I took for building this site, feel free to ask. I'm happy to share the information.

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