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The best credit card offer for you is the one that serves your specific needs. It could be that you need a new small business credit card, or one with the best credit card interest rate. Here are the top 5 good things you can do with the right card, used responsibly.

Credit cards used well can save you money with low interest rates, earn rewards for free travel, or cash back for purchases you would have made anyway.

They can also solve business problems as short term loans, or build credit for people just starting out.

Even in retirement you will still want to have credit cards to use for shopping, restaurants, and online purchases.

You may even need them to help manage cash flow for a month or two when you have special purchases to make that exceed your retirement budget.

Get a new small business credit card


You decide to start a small business when you retire as one of your things to do in retirement.

You don't want to continue using your personal credit card for business purchases. You need a new small business credit card.

A business credit card is a great way to manage cash flow while your business is building.

Get the best credit card interest rate

credit card percent interest

If you have great credit and you know when and why to use a credit card responsibly, then you deserve the best credit card interest rate available.

You know that credit cards are good for online purchase protection, instead of debit cards. And that it is safer to travel with credit cards than debit cards. Compare these credit card offers to the cards you already have, and shop for the best rate.

A Credit Card for Students

Students just starting out on their own usually need help and support from mom and dad, but while away from home it can be difficult to make sure the money is there when needed. Credit cards for students make the perfect solution.

While still in school, students can be building a credit history with parents available for guidance and advice.

Airline Mileage Credit Cards

If you're good with credit, and don't have a lot of debt, airline mileage credit cards can help save for vacation travel. Earn miles with travel rewards credit cards by using your credit card for everyday expenses and pay the balance each month.

If travel is part of your retirement plans, you can use these cards to pay for every day expenses and save up the miles for the next fun trip.

Many people have been burned by credit card debt, but these days a credit card is almost a necessity. Prepaid credit cards and debit cards are a perfect fit. No risk of getting back into debt, but all the convenience of "standard" credit cards.

What To Do: Step 4

Use credit cards to make life better, but not for accumulating debt.

Shop around to get the benefits that make sense for you, whether it's cash back, lower interest, or building a credit history.

Credit cards can be a trap or a really useful tool. It's up to you to decide which.

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