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Before you become a nomad and make the huge commitment of selling your house and living on the road full time, I strongly recommend that you try it first.

Rent an RV for at least 2 weeks and preferably a month to try this life before you sell your home and buy an expensive live-aboard RV.

Of course, if you aren't already retired, you need a financial plan for this, too.

My aunt and uncle made the full commitment to the RV life for a couple of years.

They spent most of their time in Florida.

But after that they returned to North Carolina and bought a home in the same area they had lived before because they missed their family and the "normal" home life.

They didn't regret their nomadic adventures at all because it was a dream of theirs, but they fulfilled the dream and moved on to others.

Now they own a small vineyard and make wine.

Read their retirement story here.

camper on beach lot

If you decide to try the RV life, check out where you can rent a nice unit for as long or short a trip as you need. This is a perfect try before you buy option.

There are always tons of RVs for sale, and you might get a great deal and save a ton of money buying used.

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Become a Nomad and Meet People

Once you become a full-time nomad, you might decide to take part time or temporary jobs at interesting places, if not for the money, then because you can meet the locals and learn more about the places you visit.

Or you might find places to spend time with fellow nomads and become a band of travelers, moving from place to place as a group.

Other Nomadic Ideas

What about working your way around the world? Start in Scotland, then France, then Italy - how about Tuscany?

Become a waiter or waitress to meet people, or take a job selling something. Work in a field that is new to you. Check out

Help others! Join Habitat for Humanity and travel around the country building homes for those who deserve some extra help. Or become a missionary and visit other countries while helping the less fortunate.

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