Adjusting To Retirement

This real people story from Sarah shows us that adjusting to retirement can take some time, especially for people who don’t yet have interesting hobbies.

Last year, a man by the name of Paul retired from my current employer. Paul talked for a full year in advance about the day he was retiring. When the day finally came, he cried. He was not sad that he would never have to work again but he was going to miss his daily routines.

Paul had a set schedule.

He would come in at 7 in the morning and have a cup of coffee with two co-workers and gossip about the workplace.

When the work day started he would do his daily reports and get everything done before lunch.

When it was lunch time he always called his wife before eating with others in our office.

When you spend years at a job, you don’t just “go to work”, you have made friends that you enjoy to see and consider family. You get into habits that you miss when they come to an end. The first few weeks in the retired world were rough for Paul. He called and stopped in a few times a week.

As time went on, he found hobbies that he enjoyed and kept him busy. He now goes fishing, spending quality time with his grandchildren and travels with his wife. He will be able to completely enjoy the last years of his life without being burdened down with work. Paul still e-mails and stops in occasionally but he has adjusted to the new lifestyle.

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Working for Fun

Some people just love to work. My grandmother had been retired for twelve years but still holds a steady job. Financially she is well off and does not need any extra income but she enjoys working and being social with others. Having a job keeps her spirits up and makes her feel young.

For her, retirement is not about relaxing and not working anymore, retirement is about finding a simple job she enjoys to go to every morning. Some consider her a workaholic, she calls herself energetic.

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Everyone is different but if you plan ahead retirement will come and leave you with choices. You can take all the time to yourself or you can work a simple job like my grandmother. Retirement is like a mountain and it’s a great success once you reach the top. No matter how you choose to spend the time it’s something to be proud of.

Many people spend their whole life planning for retirement.

Depending on the financial situation of a person, some contribute to a 401k which will be paid out once the magnificent day arrives.

Others depend on social security benefits. Some people have special bank accounts with money they have been saving over time for the big day.

Retirement is something that needs to be planned in advance to be able to be successful when the time comes, and to make adjusting to retirement easier.

Every working person looks forward to retirement especially if they have special hobbies they find delight in. It gives a person time to settle down and truly embrace life before their life on earth is over.

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