401k Tips

The 401k tips you need are: how to make the most of your savings with a 401k plan, how to retire early (before age 59) with your 401k savings, taking withdrawals from a 401k account, and what you need to know about required minimum distributions.

Learn why you should enroll in a 401k, and the difference between a 401k plan and an IRA for retirement savings.

All of these topics and more are covered on the pages described here, just follow the links below.

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You’ve probably heard about getting free money in a 401k.

Here’s how it works and what it can be worth to you.

This is one of the most important of the tips I can share with you on 401k plans.

  • 401k and IRA Early Retirement Differences
  • 401k early retirement

    This page on 401k early retirement describes some of the key rule differences between IRA and 401k accounts when it comes time to begin taking money from them, particularly before age 59 1/2

  • Don’t leave all your hard earned money for your heirs!
  • 401k Withdrawals

    Use 401k Withdrawals for a Retirement Paycheck. Don’t leave all your hard earned money for your heirs! Here’s how to use your 401k savings to fund early retirement. This article includes detailed examples showing how it is possible to retire with less than a million dollars in savings.

  • Early Retirement Withdrawals from a 401k
  • 401k tips for Early Retirement Withdrawals

    How I retired at 55 and use my 401k account for my early retirement paychecks. This article discusses details about 401k rules and the process I followed for starting early retirement withdrawals from my 401k.

  • Types of Retirement Accounts for Saving
  • Retirement Account Types

    Between annuities, IRAs, pensions, and 401ks there can be a lot to consider. This article discusses a few key attributes for each of these retirement account types.

  • Mandatory Taxes: Required Minimum Distributions
  • Required Minimum Distributions

    The IRS requires minimum distributions from IRAs and 401ks beginning at age 70 1/2. It’s a good idea to know what to expect before you discover an unexpected tax penalty. Here’s the scoop on required minimum distributions (RMDs).

  • Advice on saving for retirement
  • How To Save For Retirement

    If available, a 401k is one of the best savings vehicles for saving for retirement because, usually, the employer adds a contribution to whatever the employee saves, up to a certain point. From your 20’s on, save a percentage of income for your retirement by following this plan.

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